PyLint Messages
  • A quick reference for PyLint messages organized in several helpful ways
  • Explanations of each message, especially useful for beginning Python programmers
  • Areas for discussion and debate on every PyLint message

As you can see, it's only just begun. Copying the text of messages is a rote task (which I'm doing, have no fear). What's really needed is help with the explanations for each message. If you're an experienced PyLint user or Python programmer, we need your input! Watch this space for information on how to help.

The text of PyLint's messages and their descriptions found on this site comes directly from PyLint itself, and thus is covered by the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later, your choice). All other content on this site is covered by the license mentioned at the bottom of each page.
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Here is a Fight against spammers who attempt to make we buy false papers. You contributers haven't improved this site for long, have you? So I feel free to write these down. :)

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