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This page lists all messages supported by PyLint 1.1.0, sorted by message text.
There is also a list of all codes sorted by message code.

E0001, F0001, W0511 (messages vary)

E0103: %r not properly in loop
W1501: "%s" is not a valid mode for open.
E1101: %s %r has no %r member
E1103: %s %r has no %r member (but some types could not be inferred)
E0102: %s already defined line %s
E1102: %s is not callable
F0002: %s: %s (message varies)
C0326: %s space %s %s %sn%s
W0150: %s statement in finally block may swallow exception

R0922: Abstract class is only referenced %s times
R0921: Abstract class not referenced
W0212: Access to a protected member %s of a client class
E0203: Access to member %r before its definition line %s
E0202: An attribute affected in %s line %s hide this method
W1401: Anomalous backslash in string: '%s'. String constant might be missing an r prefix.
W1402: Anomalous Unicode escape in byte string: '%s'. String constant might be missing an r or u prefix.
W0221: Arguments number differs from %s method
W0199: Assert called on a 2-uple. Did you mean 'assert x,y'?
E1111: Assigning to function call which doesn't return
W1111: Assigning to function call which only returns None
W0633: Attempting to unpack a non-sequence%s
W0201: Attribute %r defined outside __init__

E0701: Bad except clauses order (%s)
E1003: Bad first argument %r given to super()
W0311: Bad indentation. Found %s %s, expected %s
E0012: Bad option value %r
C0102: Black listed name "%s"

W0703: Catching too general exception %s
W0512: Cannot decode using encoding "%s", unexpected byte at position %d
E0712: Catching an exception which doesn't inherit from BaseException: %s
W0232: Class has no __init__ method
C0202: Class method %s should have cls as first argument
C0324: Old: Comma not followed by a space
R0401: Cyclic import (%s)

W0102: Dangerous default value %s as argument
I0022: Deprecated pragma "pylint:disable-msg" or "pylint:enable-msg"
E0108: Duplicate argument name %s in function definition
W0109: Duplicate key %r in dictionary
E1122: Old: Duplicate keyword argument %r in function call

W0120: Else clause on loop without a break statement
C0112: Empty %s docstring
F0010: error while code parsing: %s
W0704: Except doesn't do anything
W0710: Exception doesn't inherit from standard "Exception" class
W0711: Exception to catch is the result of a binary "%s" operation
E1303: Expected mapping for format string, not %s
E0101: Explicit return in __init__
W0106: Expression "%s" is assigned to nothing

F0220: failed to resolve interfaces implemented by %s (%s)
C0304: Final newline missing
F0321: Old: Format detection error in %r
W1300: Format string dictionary key should be a string, not %s
E1301: Format string ends in middle of conversion specifier
W0312: Found indentation with %ss instead of %ss

W0601: Global variable %r undefined at the module level

F0003: ignored builtin module %s
I0013: Ignoring entire file
W0712: Implicit unpacking of exceptions is not supported in Python 3
R0923: Interface not implemented
E0221: Interface resolved to %s is not a class
C0103: Invalid %s name "%s"
E0604: Invalid object %r in __all__, must contain only strings
W0234: iter returns non-iterator

W0108: Lambda may not be necessary
C0301: Line too long (%s/%s)
I0011: Locally disabling %s
I0012: Locally enabling %s
E1201: Logging format string ends in middle of conversion specifier

W0110: map/filter on lambda could be replaced by comprehension
C0204: Metaclass class method %s should have %s as first argument
C0203: Metaclass method %s should have mcs as first argument
W0223: Method %r is abstract in class %r but is not overridden
R0201: Method could be a function
E0211: Method has no argument
E0213: Method should have "self" as first argument
E1004: Missing argument to super()
C0111: Missing %s docstring
E1304: Missing key %r in format string dictionary
E1125: Old: Missing mandatory keyword argument %r
E0222: Missing method %r from %s interface
C0121: Missing required attribute "%s"
E1302: Mixing named and unnamed conversion specifiers in format string
W0406: Module import itself
C0321: More than one statement on a single line

W0702: No exception type(s) specified
E0611: No name %r in module %r
E0501: Old: Non ascii characters found but no encoding specified (PEP 263)
E1306: Not enough arguments for format string
E1206: Not enough arguments for logging format string
E0711: NotImplemented raised - should raise NotImplementedError
E1120: No value passed for parameter %s in function call

C1001: Old-style class defined.
C0323: Old: Operator not followed by a space
C0322: Old: Operator not preceded by a space

E1124: Parameter %r passed as both positional and keyword argument
E1123: Passing unexpected keyword argument %r in function call
W0632: Possible unbalanced tuple unpacking with sequence%s: …

E0702: Raising %s while only classes, instances or string are allowed
E0710: Raising a new style class which doesn't inherit from BaseException
W0701: Raising a string exception
W0622: Redefining built-in %r
W0621: Redefining name %r from outer scope (line %s)
W0623: Redefining name %r from %s in exception handler
W0404: Reimport %r (imported line %s)
W0403: Relative import %r, should be %r
E0104: Return outside function
E0106: Return with argument inside generator

W0222: Signature differs from %s method
R0801: Similar lines in %s files
W1201: Specify string format arguments as logging function parameters
W0104: Statement seems to have no effect
W0211: Static method with %r as first argument
W0105: String statement has no effect
I0020: Suppressed %s (from line %d)
E1310: Suspicious argument in %s.%s call

R0903: Too few public methods (%s/%s)
R0901: Too many ancestors (%s/%s)
E1305: Too many arguments for format string
E1205: Too many arguments for logging format string
R0913: Too many arguments (%s/%s)
R0912: Too many branches (%s/%s)
R0902: Too many instance attributes (%s/%s)
C0302: Too many lines in module (%s)
R0914: Too many local variables (%s/%s)
E1121: Too many positional arguments for function call
R0904: Too many public methods (%s/%s)
R0911: Too many return statements (%s/%s)
R0915: Too many statements (%s/%s)
C0303: Trailing whitespace

F0202: Unable to check methods signature (%s / %s)
I0010: Unable to consider inline option %r
F0401: Unable to import %s
I0001: Unable to run raw checkers on built-in module %s
E0603: Undefined variable name %r in __all__
E0602: Undefined variable %r
F0004: unexpected inferred value %s
E0503: Old: Unknown encoding specified (%s)
C0325: Unnecessary parens after %r keyword
W0107: Unnecessary pass statement
W0301: Unnecessary semicolon
W0101: Unreachable code
E0011: Unrecognized file option %r
E1300: Unsupported format character %r (%#02x) at index %d
E1200: Unsupported logging format character %r (%#02x) at index %d
W0613: Unused argument %r
W0611: Unused import %s
W0614: Unused import %s from wildcard import
W1301: Unused key %r in format string dictionary
W0612: Unused variable %r
W0141: Used builtin function %r
I0014: Used deprecated directive "pylint:disable-all" or "pylint:disable=all"
W0332: Use of "l" as long integer identifier
I0021: Useless suppression of %s
W1001: Use of "property" on an old style class
W0331: Use of the <> operator
W0122: Use of exec
E0107: Use of the non-existent %s operator
W0333: Use of the `` operator
W0121: Use raise ErrorClass(args) instead of raise ErrorClass, args.
E1002: Use of super on an old style class
E1001: Use of __slots__ on an old style class
W0142: Used * or ** magic
W0141: Used builtin function %r
W0402: Uses of a deprecated module %r
W0602: Using global for %r but no assigment is done
W0631: Using possibly undefined loop variable %r
W0603: Using the global statement
W0604: Using the global statement at the module level
E0601: Using variable %r before assignment

W0401: Wildcard import %s
E0502: Old: Wrong encoding specified (%s)

E0105: Yield outside function

E0235: __exit__ must accept 3 arguments: type, value, traceback
W0410: __future__ import is not the first non docstring statement
W0233: __init__ method from a non direct base class %r is called
W0231: __init__ method from base class %r is not called
E0100: __init__ method is a generator

RP0002: % errors / warnings by module
RP0801: Duplication
RP0401: External dependencies
RP0004: Global evaluation
RP0003: Messages
RP0001: Messages by category
RP0402: Modules dependencies graph
RP0701: Raw metrics
RP0101: Statistics by type

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