Too many local variables (%s/%s)


Used when a method or function uses more than 15 variables in the namespace.


Some programmers consider using several local variables in on function or method is an indicator that the function or method is too complex, or trying to do too much.

Consider a function that does several things:

def process_thing(thing):
    # print an outline of the thing header

    # calculate some statistics about the thing

    # print reports on those statistics

Each of these comments indicates a place where a separate function could be used:

def summarize_thing(thing):
    "prints a summary"

def get_usage_statistics(thing):
    "creates a block of information"
    return stats_block

def print_stats(stats_block):
    "pretty charts and stuff"

def process_thing(thing):
    stats = get_usage_statistics(thing)

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